Jason Allison

Senior Vice President, Customer Service & Online Operations

Jason began working with Bluegreen in 2011 to oversee Resort Quality Operations. In 2013, he was named Vice President, Performance Optimization for Bluegreen Services and served as primary liaison to advance priority initiatives. He has served in his current capacity since October of 2014.

Prior to Bluegreen, Jason worked 7 years for a leading productivity and quality management consulting firm where he served a variety of industries. Jason also held several leadership roles in financial and operations planning at Walt Disney World for 9 years and worked for Wyndham Vacation Ownership for 6 years.

Jason holds a B.S.B.A. in Accounting from the University of Central Florida.

Terry A. Dodd

Senior Vice President of Development Services

Terry A. Dodd joined Bluegreen Corporation in 1997 and has held numerous roles prior to operationalizing the Fee Business in 2009. In his first role as Vice President of Inventory Management, Terry played a key role in morphing Bluegreen into an industry leader by installing the points-based format now known as The Bluegreen Vacation Club. He was chiefly responsible for the Bluegreen Vacation Club's operations until 2007, when he was asked to head up the Company's Acquisition and Development Group, and finally re-making that group into today's FBS Business unit.

In his current role, Terry has three primary Service Groups within his responsibility: Program Development/Fee-Based Services, Inventory Management, and Acquisitions. A logical roll-up of responsibilities designed to respond and manage all aspects of the company's fee-based client relationships, this combined grouping ensures that the current stable of client Partners is well-served with respect to planning, results, and day-to-day management

Prior to joining Bluegreen, Terry had various roles in the hospitality business and retail management, concentrating on workouts for troubled properties and stores. He began his career in New York City managing U.S. flag super tankers for what is now Exxon/Mobil.